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GK Basketball Game

On June 16, 2015 5pm, guanke technology company and wangjing basketball friendly officially kicked off. The basketball match held by guanke technology company, 

aims to the basketball game in the form of strengthening two company's exchange and the physical quality, improve the collective cohesion. 

There are two games today, the official start of the game in a loud whistle, the players was absorbed into the fierce "against", the two sides, you "fight". With 

the passage of time, the highlights are repeated, a "with" side, there is a "x", the players adept technical drawing of cheers and applause of the audience. 

Relaxing game atmosphere permeated with the passion of youth, in any field off the court, regardless of the audience, as long as the involved, can feel the 

passion float in the sky of the game of infinite charm. Wangjing team eventually most victory for crown KeDui, friendship basketball game is a fun fun and 

pleasure of event competition, there are evenly matched the fierce confrontation, with the strength of the bonded and have a collective cheer solidarity and 

treasured. Under the attention of all staff, the activity will be a great success. 


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