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Top 6 advantages of led corn light

Led corn light is the most promising product in lighting industry, the most obvious advantages as the following:

1. No pollution 

Traditional lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor. If the light break, the mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. But led corn light does not contain mercury and lead which is environmentally friendly. So that led corn light is green lighting. 

2. No noise 

Led corn light will not cause noise so that can be used for occasions of sophisticated electronic equipment. It can also be used for quiet libraries or offices. 

3. No ultraviolet rays 

Led corn light will not emit ultraviolet rays as there are not a lot of mosquitoes around the light source. Room will become more clean and tidy. 

4. Protect your eyes 

Traditional lamps take for alternating current so that will have 100-120 times strobe per second. Led corn light can directly convert AC to DC so that there is no flicker. 

5. High efficiency 

Traditional lights cause a lot of heat but led corn light can convert all electricity into lighting. It will not cause waste of energy. 

6. Long lifespan 

Lifespan of led corn light is ten times of traditional fluorescent lamp. It is made from epoxy resin rather than conventional glass which will not damage easily.


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