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Two stories about led corn bulb between my client and me

Here to share two stories about led corn bulb between one of my client and me ,to respect my client ,in the blow I will call him Bill not his real name . First , I need to spend one min to introduce Bill : a nitpick and strict man , 30 years experience of work with Chinese supplier. From all this ,I think you can have a knowledge ,sometimes ,Bill always bring me a big headache .following are two little stories when I work with Bill .


led corn bulb price:

** Bill : Hi ,Alissa ,how are you ,my dear ? Can you send me a update price of your corn bulb ? As you know the led market changes so fast ,others sell at so cheaper a price ,we don’t have advantage if your price are so high .

** Alissa : Hi Bill ,Nice to hear from you ,I am fine ,thank you sir .As you know ,,we will update the price every half year ,and our price set up depend on our cost and the market tend ,so please don’t worry about the price ,I will send you the new price when I get it next month .if you prepare a new order to me ,I can persuade my manager to send you the price in advance .

** Bill : OK ,thank you ,Alissa ,please send me the new price ,then I will set a new order to you !

**Alissa : No problem.


Led corn bulb & led fixture:

** Alissa : Hi Bill ,how are you ?

** Bill : Hi ,Alissa ,fine ,thanks .

**Alissa : For a long time not get your orders ,how about the corn bulbs’ performance in your market ? Anything need my help .

** Bill :To be very honest ,Alissa ,Do you know the biggest competitor of corn bulb ?

** Alissa : I have no idea ,sir !

** Bill : the led fixtures ! many customers choose the new led fixture not the corn bulb ,so the business going on very slowly .I still have some corn bulb in my warehouse .big headache !

** Alissa : Yes ,we also noticed that ,but we think there will still have a big market for led corn bulbs ,because corn bulb is the idea product to replace the HID ,MH and CFL.

** Bill : I hope so !


Now, the LED corn light price competition is more and more fierce, led fixture variety is more and more diverse, So, where are our strengths? We are only for LED corn light bulbs, Not only optimize and improve, Become the best supplier, and also we have the strength. High quality and inexpensive. thank you.


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