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Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of professional HID/HIP Replacement lighting systems since 2010

Guanke is a professional HID/HIP replacement lighting manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of LED Corn light and LED lighting,located in Shenzhen, China with 18,000 square meter factory plant. Now is the most professional led corn lightmanufacturer in China since 2010. We only focus on LED corn Bulb, Temporary working lights ,LED Temporary High Bay Light Fixtures,LED Street light,HID Replacement production, OEM Corn lights Manufacturers.Using GK led corn bulb will Cut down your electricity bill by up to 90%! We are dedicated to serve the clients from the whole world, and we had done many successful replacement projects all over the world! We’ve been making contribution of mitigating global warming by Integrating the latest LED technology into energy efficient lighting products and solutions.

Design and Development


3D computer-aided design is used to develop and model new products with high specification materials and components. Computer simulation techniques are also used to achieve the photometric performance required. Pre-production models are fully assessed for electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics before final production.

Product Testing

Rigorous product testing is essential in maintaining our reputation for reliability and quality. Testing covers all aspects of environmental and electrical parameters including extreme ambient temperatures, dust/water ingress, EMC and current harmonics to comply with relevant International standards.

Photometric Data

Our Lighting Photometric Laboratory houses a sophisticated goniophotometer for fast and reliable measurement of luminaire light distribution. An integrating sphere equipped with spectral analyser enables accurate measurement of light quality, efficiency and colour temperature.

LED Prototyping

In-house rapid prototyping of LED printed circuit boards reduces development lead times. New circuit board designs can be trialled within hours of the initial concept and put into production within just a few weeks. Huge investment in LED technology includes circuit board design, software development, thermal modelling and optical lens design puts Guanke at the forefront of its market sector.