High Power Microwave Dimmer Sensor LED Corn Lamp
  • 36W 45W 54W 63W 80W 100W 120W
  • Warm, Daylight, Natural(3000K – 6000K)
  • E26 E27 E39 EX39 E40
  • -40°C - 60°C
  • 360°
  • 150lm/w
  • IP64
  • 50,000 Hours
  • 4KV Surge Protection
  • Suitable for Enclosed Fixture
  • High Efficiency LED
  • Easy to Installation

High Power Microwave Dimmer Sensor LED Corn Lamp


China&US patent

high light efficacy, 150lm/w

most compact size for total enclosed fixture

higher quality guarantee,defect rate<0.5%

More watt option 36-120w 150lm/w and CCT selectable

DLC 5.1/UL/Erp/CE approval

360D design for most fixtures

Intelligent interface for plug and play sensors like MW sensor, PIR sensor, WIFI sensor etc

4 protections for led driver solution(Varistor/ lamp body/Power supply overheating, over-voltage protection)

  1. CCT selectable: 3000K/4000K/5000K

  2. 3 in 1 dimming LED lamp (0-10V dimming, PWM Dimming, Resistance dimming)

GK LED Corn Light Series lamps to use Rubycon driver,

Samsung chips,

IP64 damp location-rated design, waterproof, dust-proof, mosquito proof,

The multifunctional interface driver is sealed with thermal paste,

active heat dissipation with aircraft-grade aluminum,

360-degree beam angle, flame retardant materials,

suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures.

Direct wire lamps, must bypass the ballast.



GKS39-36W-09 100-277V 5400+10% 0.64kg 175W HPS/MHL
GKS39-45W-09 100-277V 6700+10% 0.73kg 200W HPS/MHL
GKS39-54W-09 100-277V 8100+10% 0.75kg 250W HPS/MHL
GKS39-63W-09 100-277V 9400+10% 0.82kg 280W HPS/MHL
GKS39-80W-09 100-277V 12000+10% 1.33kg 320W HPS/MHL
GKS39-100W-09 100-277V 15000+10% 1.45kg 400W HPS/MHL

GKS39-120W-09 100-277V 18000+10% 1.58kg 500W HPS/MHL

High Power Microwave Dimmer Sensor LED Corn Lamp

WATTBASE E26(Size mm(X0.0393=inch) E27 EX39 E39 E40
GKS39-36W-09 ∅85*202 ∅85*205 ∅85*202 ∅85*219 ∅85*223
GKS39-45W-09 ∅85*232 ∅85*235 ∅85*249 ∅85*249 ∅85*253
GKS39-54W-09 ∅85*232 ∅85*235 ∅85*249 ∅85*249 ∅85*253
GKS39-63W-09 ∅85*247 ∅85*250 ∅85*264 ∅85*264 ∅85*268

∅130*247 ∅130*247 ∅130*250

∅130*262 ∅130*262 ∅130*265

∅130*283 ∅130*283 ∅130*285

High Power Microwave Dimmer Sensor LED Corn Lamp

1. 3 in 1 dimming LED lamp

(0-10V dimming, PWM Dimming, Resistance dimming)

2. WiFi control LED lamp

App-Dimming & time control. Support group or single operation

3. Sensor LED lamp

Microwave sensor, PIR sensor, WiFi sensor, Photocell sensor

Sensor instruction:

Stand-by dim level 0-20%-40%-60%

Hold time: 30s-90s-5m-10m

Wall pack,  Acorn, Canopy, Garage light, Post top, Shoe box, Cobra Head, Flood light

Multifunctional interface IP64 damp location-rated design, waterproof,dust-proof, mosquito proof. and have a 360 degree beam angle which for lights commercial and industrial spaces such as factories,supermarkets and shopping malls.

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