LED Temporary Work Light

• “Instant-on” means no warm up time after power disruptions
• 73% Energy Savings over traditional 400W PSMH
• Only 100 watts delivering over 13,500 lumens
• >70 CRI, 5000K color temperature
• Longer lasting light; up to 50000 hour (L70) operating life
• 120V Operation when used with supplied cord/plug

• Heavy gauge vented die-cast aluminum housing for greater thermal heat dissipation
• Spring loaded steel latch for safety
• Convenient handle for easy handling and quick installation
• C-UL-US damp location listed
• 5-year limited warranty

LED Temporary Work light
LED Temporary Work light
LED Temporary Work light

Why Choose Guanke LED Work Light?

Guanke LED Work light solutions are ideal for a broad range of construction and maintenance activities with features tailored to meet the challenging demands of industrial applications. Configurations include:
wide area lighting,
task lights,
high bay lighting
hazardous location handlamps
string lights.
Temporary lighting
applications are also ideal for tunnel and tent lighting, portable shelters, emergency medical care and utility maintenance.

The Guanke temporary lighting fixture is the perfect choice for temporary lighting on new and existing construction sites. Whether you are a general contractor or an electrical contractor looking for a performance-based, energy saving temporary lighting solution, the Guanke Led work Light is the solution you are looking for. Drawing only 60~100 watts, you can achieve up to 73% energy savings over traditional pulse start metal halide. We Guanke provides superior energy efficiency and a longer, maintenance-free operating life over 50,000 hours (L70) products for our customers. Using 11500 lumens, the Guanke delivers the light where you need it and when you need it, while providing safety and security to any jobsite.

Guanke LED work Light delivers high lumens while consuming up to 73% less energy vs. traditional HID temp lighting. Excellent choice for using on new construction sites and remodeling projects.

LED Work light