continuous thinking and improvement
We believe that the most stable and easy-to-use products are the best services.

R&D Team

We have an experienced R&D team, which has been adhering to rigorous and innovative thinking for 12 years, and has continuously launched new products to meet needs and solve problems. Today, the team has accumulated a lot of experience in R&D and production, and can provide customers with practical and effective solutions for LED lighting needs.

Labs and

With An Experienced Team And Proven Process, We Make It Simple To Quickly Move From A Great Idea To An Effective Solution.
  • UL Witnessed Lab
    Damp location test / High temperature test
    Voltage withstand test, etc.
  • Microbiology Lab
    Simulated and Field test of air disinfection,
    Microorganism killing test on object surface
  • CNAS Laboratory
    Professional Testing / Scientific Certification
  • Energy Efficiency Lab
    Light decay test / integrating Sphere test
    IES test / EMC test, etc.

Patents and Awards

  • 71
    Patents in 2021
  • 5
    Successful Litigation Cases In 2021
  • 209
    Patents Till Now

Technology Abilities

  • Structure Design
    We have high-precision structural design capabilities. Years of R&D and design experience enable us to quickly respond to customer needs and provide effective LED solutions.
  • Cost Control
    Optimize at the product design level, stabilize quality, reduce defect rate, and realize cost optimization.
  • Energy Saving
    Provide LED products with longer life, better heat dissipation, and higher lumens, and strive to achieve less power consumption and better effects.
  • Keeping Iteration
    Study customer needs and continuously introduce more humanized products. Pay attention to the production process and continuously optimize it to further improve production results.