Air purification UVC panel light 110Lm/W 275nm
  • 60W/70W
  • UVC 275nm
  • /
  • -10°C to 40°C
  • 90°
  • 3000/4000/5000K
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 10,000 Hours
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Suitable for Public Places
  • High Efficiency UVC Radiation
  • Easy to Installation

Introducing the Air Purification UVC Panel Light U59 110Lm/W 275nm

Our Air Purification UVC Panel Light, equipped with advanced features, is a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide efficient and comprehensive air purification. 

With a powerful UVC system, HEPA filtration, and user-friendly controls, this device offers a versatile and effective way to enhance air quality in various settings.

Key Features

Dual Control Versions:

Regular Version: Transparent PC function panel displays the device's current working status.
Remote Control Version: Infrared remote control provides convenient access to equipment functions. (Remote control is optional but enhances user convenience.)

Comprehensive Purification Factors:

HEPA Filter: Effectively filters particulate matter with a diameter of ≤2.5 microns, ensuring clean and purified air.
UVC Technology: Destroys the DNA and RNA structure of bacteria and viruses, preventing reproduction and self-replication for thorough purification.

Centrifugal Fan Design:

Utilizes a high-quality industrial centrifugal fan with a lifespan of 70,000 hours.
Accelerates air convection, enhancing air circulation speed and improving overall purification efficiency.

LED Lighting with Dimming Function:

CCT selectable LED lighting (3000K/4000K/5000K) for customizable ambient lighting.
0-100% brightness dimming function and support for 3-in-1 dimming (0-10V, PWM, resistance dimmer) for versatile lighting control.

Dual Power Controls:

Separate UVC purification control system and LED lighting control system for enhanced convenience in different applications.

Replaceable UVC LED Module and Filter:

The HEPA filter ensures the machine's cleanliness by isolating inhaled dust.
Easily replaceable UVC LED module and filter, with a tool-accessible grille component for straightforward maintenance.

Commercial Spaces 

Enhance air quality in offices, meeting rooms, and other commercial environments.

Healthcare Facilities: 

Provide a sterile atmosphere in hospitals, clinics, and waiting areas.

Residential Settings: 

Create a clean and comfortable living space for families.

The Air Purification UVC Panel Light U59 is a comprehensive solution, combining advanced purification technologies with user-friendly controls. 

Whether you prioritize convenience, efficiency, or versatility, this device offers a holistic approach to air quality enhancement. 

Elevate your surroundings with the power of advanced air purification technology.

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