The world first Reddot led corn lamp was born in GK

In the beginning of 2020, GK LED corn light S35 stands out among ten thousand designs proposed over 60 countries in the world, to win the 2020 Germany Reddot Award, which is a success of the novel and creative design with S35.

Reddot Award is one of the three greatest design awards in the world, together with IF and IDEA. Focusing on “seeking for great design and innovation”, Reddot only awards “the outstanding products with extraordinary design”, well known as the mark for greatest design, and which is the “Eiffel Tower” of the design industry.

GK LED corn light S35 won the Reddot award this time, not only for the recognition and praise of the product design concept of GK brand, but also for the industrial design of Guanke entering the world-class level.

GK takes innovation as a way to satisfy all the detailed requirements from our customers, thus bringing the most extraordinary users experience. GK RD team has been focusing a lot on the communication and experience between the products and customers, listening to the true voice from the end users, to improve the using experience of the products continuously; S35 is just born after the process of improving the products repeatedly.

S35 broke the wattage limit of the traditional HID light with its unique foldable design, it increases the highest wattage from 80W to 110W. Combining the internal temperature control system and the automatic mechanical switch, S35 has a very compact body. And the automatic mechanical switch prevents it from burning, and increase the lifespan and lumen efficiency. At the same time, the unique heat dissipation design allows more heat transfer,so there will be less heat accumulation in the light,which helps for a longer lifespan also.

SORI YANAGI as the leader of Japan design industry once said: industrial design is not only the appearance design, but also revolutionary innovation, which can only be produced after repeated experiment.

GK thinks all the design should be aiming at solving practical problem and meeting existing requirements, for a better solution of life. GK will keep this in mind as our original intention of design, bring more surprise to the world, and lighting the way home !