180degree beam angle energy saving retled rofit light

Led corn lamps as a very popular LED retrofit light which is easy to upgrade your

existing metal halide, halogen, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, and mogul-based CFL light fixtures without having to replace the entire fixtures. It will save many cost and enable to keep the original lighting fixtures. GK horizontal lights‘power ranges from 20w 30w 40w 60w 80w 110w, are ideal replacement for for wall packs, canopy lights, parking lot, shoe boxes, and other fixtures which need the 180 degree bean angle. And they are the hot item in different markets. As far as we know, the 360degree bean angle corn lamps is very popular in the current market. However, when you install the 360 degree led corn lamps into some fixtures such as wall pack, shoe box, flood light, they will waste some lighting, which means that some energy are wasted. So we are the one of the few manufacturer which launch the 180degree led corn lamps in the market. If you are looking the 180degree bean angle energy saving LED retrofit light, feel free to ask us, we will recommend the right products for you. More products information, pls view our website: www.szguanke.com.