2018 Amazing LED Corn Bulbs Is The Best Retrofit Of HID/HM

HID Lighting (metal halide / high pressure sodium) has been the primary light source for outdoor applications until recently. LED is now the go-to choice for new construction, so what do you do with your existing HID outdoor light fixtures? The answer is to retrofit them to LED or replace them with a new LED fixture. As with all lighting projects, each situation is unique so it’s important to understand what your goals are.

If your fixtures are in decent shape and your main goal is to save energy and reduce maintenance costs, then a retrofit is probably your best bet. If your fixtures are in rough shape and/or not providing you with adequate lighting, then a new fixture is best. Here is an overview of things to consider for each option.

How to HID replacement with LED Corn Lamp?

There are many options available for retrofitting HID fixtures to HID replacement Lamps, so that’s the good news. The bad news is that it is often times difficult to find an LED retrofit option that provides similar light levels while being able to fit into the existing fixture. With that in mind, the first step is to determine what you currently have installed and to measure how much room you have in your existing fixture. Another item to factor in is voltage. Outdoor lighting can range from 120 to 480 volt, and once you get above 277 volt the retrofit options are limited. The last item to consider is color. High Pressure Sodium lamps provide a yellow/orange color and Metal Halide provides a whiter color. There are more white LED retrofit options than yellow for outdoor LED retrofits, so knowing what color you want is important up front. Once you have all these factors analyzed, you can determine what options there are available for your application. Depending on the situation, we are often seeing paybacks of less than 3 years on retrofitting HID outdoor light fixtures to LED retrofits.

Guanke LED Corn Bulbs are an energy-efficient alternative for replacing standard Incandescent, HPS, MH, MV, and CFL bulbs in both new and retrofit fixtures. Guanke LED Corn Lamp not only provide huge energy savings but also feature a 180°and 360° illumination spread for maximized visibility. At 10 hours of use a day, these LED Corn Bulbs can last up to 17 years. This is a significant advantage over the Metal Halides, Mercury Vapors, etc. that they replace and results not only in a reduction of long-term energy savings but also maintenance costs and environmental improve, all while providing an unmatched quality of light.

New LED Corn Lamp Fixtures

Going with a new fixture is always the best bet as they last longer, run more efficiently, and provide more light than retrofit options. The reason for this is because the fixture is built for LED vs. a retrofit where you are installing an LED in a fixture that was built for an HID light source. There are more options available for new LED fixtures than LED retrofits, from LED Wallpacks to LED Canopy Fixtures and LED Pole Lights. So there isn’t as much concern with what you currently have. What you do want to note is how the current fixture is mounted and more importantly how much light you need. The mounting helps make sure ease of install when you get the new fixture, and it is a fairly easy process to run a photometric report for new fixtures to ensure you get adequate light levels. Depending on the situation, we are often seeing paybacks of less than 5 years on replacing HID outdoor light fixtures to LED fixtures.

With our mission being to provide our customers with the optimal and practical lighting solution, we often times provide retrofit products for this application. But the best long term solution is a new LED fixture.

Designed to fit in existing HID fixtures, Guanke LED replacement lamps are a smart, efficient and long-lasting solution to replace traditional lighting, which have 5 series, they are LED corn Light, LED Area Light, Led work Light, LED high bay retrofit and LED Dark sky friendly。

  • Extremely efficient – up to 140 LM/W
    • Fully Encapsulated and Compact Size allows for placement in small fixtures and tight space
    • Omni-directional 360° Beam Angle
    • Instant Start – No warm up time required
    • Easy Installation – Disconnect and remove your existing ballast. Wire line voltage directly to the socket and screw-in medium or mogul base socket.
    • Minimal Heat Load (90% less than Incandescent or HID)
    • Maintenance-free Operation – No ballast needed and the LED lasts 3-5 times longer than HID lamps (50-60,000 hours)
    • 98% recyclable – contains no lead, mercury, toxic metals or other hazardous materials
    • Universal Voltage – no need to worry about voltage as these are rated 100v-277volt.
    • IP64 Rated
    • Operating Temp -22° to 140° F
    • 5-year warranty

Ideal LED replacement for Bollards, Down Lights, Pendant Lights, Task Lighting, Jelly Jar Lights, Globe Fixtures, Wall Packs, Wall Scones, Accent Lighting, Driveway & Walkway Lighting, Historic & Vintage Fixtures, Industrial Beacons, Explosion-proof Fixtures, Freezer & Cold Storage Lights, Decorative Lighting, Carriage Lanterns, Low Bay Lighting, Stairwells, Corridors Lighting, Pedestrian Tunnels, Rail Road Station Platforms, LED Post Top replacement and more!

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