Greeting! UL Approved GKT12 LED Temporary Work Light Won The Excellence Award.

The China International Lighting Design Competition was jointly sponsored by the China Lighting Association and the Guzhen Town People’s Government. It has been successfully held for six times so far, and has produced positive influence at domestic and abroad. It has been awarded by many designers, technicians and experts in the industry. The purpose of the competition is to continuously improve the internationalization level of China’s lighting design, advocate the innovation of lighting design, create a platform for talents in the industry, cultivate international brands of lighting products in China, enhance the independent innovation capability of China’s lighting design, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry. Constantly improve the international status and influence of China’s lighting and lighting industry.

In this competition, a total of 770 works from various lighting companies and design institutes were collected. To get this excellence award, our R&D department has done lots of works to design the smart and multifunctional GKT12 Led temporary high-bay,it has win the excellence design award this time. GKT12 is the new generational work light in the world, and one of the multifunctional work light. It is designed with handle and lamp pads which can be used as portable lights, and the hook structure of the lamp is very convenient to be used for hoisting. The metal mesh cover design can protect from collision and fall, and It’s safer to use as a protective cover. The lamp is designed in dry and damp locations. Besides, there is a plug and a receptacle which can connect one or more lamps together, and the anti pull metal buckle on the lamps can make the lamps connected more firmly. The lamp has large luminous angle and high power which is suitable for installation in open workshop and square. What’s more convenient, this GKT12 LED work light is designed in infrared remote control system, which can control the lamps on and off conveniently. And the GKT12 LED temporary light has the advantages of high efficiency, no flicker and long lifespan than the traditional temporary light with Metal Halide lamp, and Fluorescent lamp.

Smart design GKT12 with the features as follow:

  1. With strong and durable cage.

  2. Easy installation.

  3. Portable and flexible.

  4. Warranty 5 year

  5. Smart fuse: reset once overload 5A.

  6. Linkable, easy work to be a LED string light.

  7. Remote control, turn on/off the light quickly.

Application: Construction building, warehouse, subway, tunnel, and the temporary place.

Where there was traditional HID temporary Light, there will be a GKT12 LED temporary light. We designed it as for HID replacement. Much energy-saving. 60W LED work light equal to 200W HID LED work light, 100W LED Temporary Light replace 400W HID temp lighting, 150W LED construction temporary Light replace 600W HID construction temp lighting. The GKT12 LED temp light can improve the disadvantage of traditional HID/Fluorescent temp light, such as fragile, high energy consumption, not linkable.

This smart and multifunctional LED temporary light is a very good option for your construction work, and industrial area lighting.

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