6 Factors Must to Know While Choosing LED Lights

For the lighting source choosing, one of our habit is to choose the brighter and energy saving items. But before make the final decision of choosing LED light, 6 factorts you should read at the very beginning.


LED lights are designed to consume less energy than standard incandescent and flurorescent bulbs. That means LEDs offer much more amount of light, with reduced wattage. For example, an LED bulb with just 12.5w equals an incandescent bulb with 60w. Using the same brighting items, LEDs can save a high amount of energy consumption and electricity bills.


When you compare LED Shoe Box Lights, you have to look at the lumens as well. It is important to understand the lumens first. A standard unit, lumen is used for comparing LED light bulbs to tradictional bulbs—like halogens and incandescent lights. A lumen is roughly a measure of the amount of brightness. So we should pick one that consumes less amount of power and offers more light, it is always a good idea to choose one that needs less lumen.

Guarantee In Hours

LEDs are of 2 types, with one of them being offered with a guarantee. In this case, sellers use their own signature while writing the purchase date. Thus, you can easily obtain a replacement in case you encounter any issue. The other type comes minus any guarantee. It is important not to choose an LED light that comes without guarantee.


Check whether the light comes with proper Heat capacity. Make sure that the lights does not guarantee a lot of heat. Although LED bulbs are specifically designed to produce lower amount of heat, you should check whether the ones that you choose generate much less heat and can last for more time, even they said no fan dissipation.

Base type

LED bulbs come with types of base—Typical Plug and Pin Plug. Choose a base type that can match the type of purpose you want to use the light for, our GK series LED Corn Lights have the base type E27, E39, EX39, E40.


The quality of light is a very important thing to consider, and you should always purchase from dealers who are reputed and respected. Look for lights that with FCC, UL, DLC, SES,. etc certificates.