About LED Corn Bulb - LED COB LIGHT

What are LED Corn Bulbs?

LED corn cob bulbs are circular lamps that replace commercial HID and halogen lamps in commercial and industrial applications. Many LED corn cob lamps have a 360° beam angle that provides full light coverage around and above the luminaire. These LED corn bulbs can be mounted up, down or horizontally. There are two ways to install LED corn bulbs; one is to bypass the HID ballast and connect directly to 120 or 277V

LED corn bulbs are a great source of great power alternatives. LED corn bulbs from 18Watt to 120Watt can replace the wattage of traditional metal halide bulbs from 63Watt to 420Watt. They are mainly used for street lights and pole lights. Because of their ability to provide illumination at a full 360-degree angle, LED corn bulbs are often used in parks, streets, alleys, gardens, and more.

LED corn bulb lights provide a more energy efficient lighting solution for parking lots, football fields, building perimeters, sidewalks, stadiums, parks and most commercial applications. Compared to traditional HID lamps, corncob bulbs have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs, resulting in more energy and cost savings in the long run.

Advantages of LED Corn Bulbs

• Energy Efficient: These LED corn bulbs are extremely energy efficient, converting 95% of electrical energy into light while only losing 5% in the form of heat. This means you'll save 75% on your utility bills. This energy efficiency also makes these bulbs very environmentally friendly, as these lamps consume less electricity and generate very little heat.

• High Color Rendering Index: The Color Rendering Index measures the accuracy of the color rendering of a light source compared to an ideal light source such as sunlight. These LED corn bulbs have a CRI of over 80, which means the light from these bulbs is 80% accurate in color rendering.

Low-temperature operation: When used in low-temperature environments, the performance of LED lamps increases as the operating temperature decreases. This feature makes the lamp ideal for outdoor applications.

Where can I use corn lights?

Corn lamps are great replacements for any high lumen-output lights. Like, Post Top Lamps, Bollard Pathway Lighting, and Exterior Wall Packs

Highway Lighting, Parking lot lights, Interior High Bay Lamps, and Street Lights.

Designed to replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, LED corn bulbs are an excellent alternative to save energy and reduce utility costs. LED corn lights also last longer than traditional HID lights, so you can save on replacement costs and maintenance. These LED retrofits offer a range of lumen outputs, producing the same light output as their HID bulb equivalents.