How to choose the right high bay light

High bay light refers to the general term for lamps used in factories, mines, warehouses, high bay lights, and other production and operation areas. In addition to various lighting fixtures used in normal environments, there are also explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments. Nowadays, there are more and more types of high bay lights on the market, so how do choose a cost-effective LED high bay light in the industry?

When choosing LED high bay lights, the lighting needs of the factory should be considered. The price of ordinary LED lights is acceptable, but it cannot guarantee safe use. Replacing lamps every three days will bring a lot of inconvenience to our work. The height of ordinary workshops is relatively high, and professional escalators are required to replace lamps. Or lift trucks, which add to our hidden input costs. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to consider whether the product meets the requirements of national quality standards, whether it has passed the explosion-proof certification, and other factors.

LED high bay lights, especially LED high bay lights that have passed explosion-proof certification, quality system certification, etc., will strictly implement national standards in production and material selection, and will not use inferior means of cutting corners to reduce product costs. The price may be higher than ordinary lamps. However, the one-time investment at the time of purchase has resulted in a high-quality product, which not only saves electricity bills but also saves the cost of secondary purchases, maintenance, and replacement of lamps. The key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safe production.

The power of the LED high bay light should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause waste of power resources, and low power can not meet the lighting needs; in addition, conditions such as illuminance and color temperature are also very important, and the production line requires products with high resolution, illuminance, and other conditions to meet the requirements.

There are many types of LED high bay lights. Which high bay light to choose will depend on where you use it.

Traditional High Bay Lighting - Traditional or traditional high bay light fixtures are often used in buildings or spaces with high ceilings. These lamps typically use incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide lamps, but there are many options for alternatives to LEDs.

Round High Bay Lights - Due to their round style design, these lights are also known as UFO High Bay Lights. They are easy to install and aesthetically pleasing for use in commercial and manufacturing facilities such as gyms and retail stores.

Linear High Bay Lights - These lights are very common in grocery stores, retail stores, and warehouses. Spaces that are divided into many aisles can benefit from these types of lights. , the lighting effect is better.

The LED high bay dimming feature allows you to maintain consistent lighting in changing conditions throughout the day. The dimming feature helps save energy and is handy if you don't want high brightness in your work area most of the time, automatically adjusting the brightness based on ambient light conditions. When choosing a color temperature rating, you should consider the effect you want to achieve, the comfort of the human eye, including the color of the space. Offices and workspaces typically use cool-color LEDs. In commercial and residential lighting applications, color temperature ratings are typically between 2500-6500K.