LED high bay lights are used in factory lighting

In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, the lighting fixture using the new light source LED high bay light also has the advantages of light color and pure light concentration. New technologies, new materials and new processes are continuously applied to the design of high-power LED high bay lights, laying a solid foundation for the design of high-power LED high bay lights. The design of LED high bay light involves many details. We reflect the design process and method according to the following important considerations:

1. Power selection

Traditional high bay lamps are mostly 250W or 400W high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. Compared with the characteristics of new LED lamps, there are obvious differences:

2. Heat dissipation design:

In the use of high-power LEDs, heat dissipation is a big problem. For example, if the photoelectric conversion efficiency of a 10W white LED is 20%, 8W of electrical energy will be converted into heat energy. If no heat dissipation measures are taken, the core temperature of the high-power LED will rise rapidly. When the junction temperature (TJ) When the rise exceeds the maximum allowable temperature (usually 150 ℃), the high-power LED will be damaged due to overheating. Therefore, the heat dissipation design is also our most important content. Below, we will discuss the heat dissipation design from the aluminum substrate and the heat sink.

3. Structural design

The structure design of LED high bay light involves not only the mechanical structure of the whole lamp, but also the beautiful appearance of the lamp. Next, we will carry out the specific design of the die-casting radiator from the following four aspects.

4. Cost and benefit assessment

Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps for workshop lighting, the initial investment cost of LED high bay lamps is obviously much higher than that of traditional lamps. However, because the LED light source has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, and when it is made into a lamp, the advantage of the strong directivity of the LED light source is easily reflected, and the efficiency of the LED lamp is much higher than that of the traditional lamp, so its energy-saving characteristics can be manifested clearly.

LED high bay light installation method

1. Determine the installation height of the LED high bay light

According to the lighting environment, because the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the lamp. Generally, the height of the lamp should be more than 5 meters, and the wire should not be close to the shell of the industrial and mining lamp. If the conditions are necessary, the installation is less than 3 meters, and protective measures must be taken.

2. LED high bay light wiring

The main line is connected to the lamp using a flat hard copper wire, and one lamp is installed in 5 rings, which are evenly linked on the three-phase wire according to the requirements of load balancing. For large-density lighting projects, the lighting shell is connected with PE protective wire alone.

3. LED high bay light waterproof and anti-low temperature treatment

It is very important to choose a high bay lamp with waterproof function, choose a waterproof transformer, and wrap the lamp chip package with a high temperature-resistant thermal insulation material, which is waterproof and can prevent the damage to the lamp from low temperature.

LED high bay light features

LED high bay light is a lighting product with LED as light source, it mainly has the following advantages:

LED high bay light has high luminous efficiency and good environmental performance. After the emergence of LED, many lighting fixtures began to use LED light sources, and the same is true for LED high bay lights, as we all know. Led is a solid-state cold light source and a new type of light source. The high bay lamp made of LED has a small heat generation rate, high light efficiency and low power consumption rate. It is an ideal production Work light.

LED high bay lights are durable and have a long service life. In our lighting market, almost all LED high bay lights are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum alloys have relatively high strength and stable performance in all aspects. It will change the line and deform, its surface is treated by high-voltage electrostatic spray, and the service life is long.

Some LED ufo high bay lights also have certain explosion-proof performance. Taking into account the particularity of the place where the lamps are used, when making LED high bay lights, the manufacturer will adopt a special explosion-proof structure design, and use tempered glass to make the lampshade of the lamp, plus the production of the die-casting process, The finished product of the LED high bay light is relatively stable in performance, has certain explosion-proof performance, is very convenient to use, and has a high safety factor.

How to choose the right high bay light