What are the advantages of high bay lights

Abstract: The advantages of high bay lamps are durability, long service life, certain explosion-proof performance, high luminous efficiency, good environmental protection performance, and easy to use. Among them, the convenience of use refers to the small and exquisite appearance of the manufactured high bay light, which is easy to carry, and can be placed in various forms. So how many watts is the best high bay light? The specific wattage depends on a variety of factors, but it is not the higher the better, too much power and poor heat dissipation.

What are the advantages of high bay lights?

1. The high bay light is durable and has a long service life. In our lighting market, most of the high bay lamps are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials for the production of lamp housings. Aluminum alloys have relatively high strength and stable performance in all aspects. Therefore, they will not change after long-term use. The phenomenon of line deformation, its surface is sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic, so that the surface of the lamp feels comfortable to hold and has a long service life.

2. The high bay light has certain explosion-proof performance. Taking into account the particularity of the place where the lamps are used, we adopted a special explosion-proof structure design when making the high bay lamps, and used tempered glass to make the lampshade of the lamps, and the die-casting process made the industrial and mining lamps. The finished product of the lamp has relatively stable performance, has certain explosion-proof performance, is very convenient to use, and has a high safety factor.

3. The high bay light has high luminous efficiency and good environmental performance. The high bay light has a small heat generation rate, high luminous efficiency and low power consumption rate, and is an ideal light for industrial and mining operations.

4. The high bay light is easy to use. When we design and manufacture the high bay light, we fully consider the particularity of the place of use. Therefore, when we design the high bay light, we transform and innovate from the appearance and function of the lamp, so the produced high bay light has a small and exquisite appearance. , easy to carry, it can be installed in various forms.

two. How to repair the LED high bay light

With the development of LED lighting technology, the traditional lighting fixtures used in workshops have been replaced by LED lighting fixtures. Then, after so many types of fixtures are broken and do not light up, how to maintain and replace them to minimize the cost Woolen cloth?

The structure of low-power SMD type and high-power integrated light source type LED high bay light is the same, which is roughly composed of high bay light shell (for heat dissipation), driving power supply, LED light source (lamp bead), and lens. Generally, the bad performance is as follows: The light does not turn on directly, the light turns on for a while and then turns on slightly, the light flickers and so on. In fact, the main problem is the power supply and light source:

The reasons why the LED high bay light is broken are roughly as follows:

1. The light source is bad; the assembly process of the lamp is not perfect, the lamp bead and the heat sink cannot be in good contact, and the thermal paste is unevenly applied. In addition, if the quality of the lamp bead itself is poor, it will burn for a long time.

2. The power supply is bad; due to the power supply problem, some manufacturers use inferior power supplies due to the pursuit of low-cost products, and the quality of the products is unqualified.

Treatment method: The patch type can replace the entire light board, and the high-power integrated type can replace the entire light source. It should be noted that heat conduction must be done well. If the power supply fails, you can only directly replace it with a new one. If the light is not on due to the power supply, it is best to replace the light source with a new one.