DLC 5.0 Executive Summary

Second Draft SSL Technical Requirements V5.0

This Version 5.0 revision to the SSL Technical Requirements is the first of a series of specifications designed to improve the quality of light and connectivity of high performance, energy efficient commercial lighting by establishing requirements and reporting standards for DLC listed products.

Version 5.0 lays the groundwork to capture and promote continuing advances and innovation in human-centric lighting characteristics such as color performance, flicker, glare, and light distribution, as well as increase the controls functionality of installed energy efficient technology so that maximum energy savings and user benefits are realized.

The goals of this version of the SSL Technical Requirements include:

The efficacy of listed products increases by an average of 10.8%, and up to 23%. All listed indoor luminaires, with some exceptions, are dimmable, providing increased energy savings and user satisfaction.The color quality requirements help provide people the lighting they want with better consistency over time.

Lighting decision makers can use DLC Premium to have better confidence in the glare performance of listed products.

While the initial draft of the Version 5.0 Technical Requirements laid out the DLC’s broad vision for improving the quality of light and controllability of products on the SSL QPL, Draft 2 focuses on implementing these requirements on a timeline that aligns with industry development cycles and current research. Metrics and capabilities that do not appear in this version may still appear in future  DLC specifications as deemed appropriate.Technical Requirements Overview

The DLC’s proposed requirements support additional energy savings while promoting better quality of light for people living and working in the built environment. The V5 program consists of a phased  approach to incorporating quality of light metrics to ensure only high-quality products are listed, superior performing products can be differentiated, and additional energy savings are realized.

For more detailed information on the changes and requirements, please review the detailed

Version 5.0 policy.

Manufacturer and Industry Implementation Guidance

Draft 2 includes manufacturer and industry guidance that includes information on how V5.0 will impact

the qualification process and requirements for manufacturers and testing laboratories.


who may wish to update their product listings or others interested in how V5.0 will be implemented should consult this section for information on:

•  Submitting product and private label applications under V5.0

•  Required product testing under the V5.0 requirements

•  Transition timelines and grace periods for V4.4 products •  Updating V4.4 products to qualify under V5.0

•  Updating family groupings to meet V5.0