Do You Really Know What Is The Powerful LED Retrofit?

When someone identifies LED Retrofit lights as either kits or LED retrofit light bulbs as the most viable option for upgrading to his/her existing lighting system at home or office, he/she will generally get a lot of questions in mind. Let us find the answer to some of these questions.

What Is A Retrofit Light?

Retrofit lighting is nothing, but the process of upgrading your lighting system with a new source of light, but without making any changes to the integrity of your existing fixtures. In simple terms, it is like replacing an old source of illumination with a new one without removing the entire fixtures in the warehouse or outdoor places.

Can I Reduce the Brightness of an LED Retrofit Light?

Yes, when you opt for parking lot led retrofit or even for illuminating other areas in your house, you can dim the illumination. By doing so, you will get the right kind of illumination that you need, while bringing down the energy consumption even more. Here, you should make sure that you choose a retrofit kit with the dimmable option. Otherwise, dimming will not be possible.

Why Consider Retrofitting With LED As Against Full Replacement?

It is true that a full replacement is highly valid, particularly when you feel that your light fixtures are outdated and they are literally falling apart. An entire replacement will cost you more, but when you opt for retrofitting of LED light bulbs, you can bring down the costs associated with upgrade lighting. This means that you will get a better Return on Investment. Here are the reasons to retrofit:

  1. If your fixtures are in good shape, retrofitting will save a whole lot of money for sure.
    2. Retrofit kit is also more affordable as compared to a new set of fixtures.
    3. In case, you have a large investment in your fixtures, retrofitting will permit you to keep your fixtures, but you can shift to the new technology.
    4. LED Retrofit light Bulbs will last 15-20 years without maintenance.

More Should You Know?

Once you have decided to retrofit, the thing to remember here is that it will take longer to retrofit as against replacement. You should also review the specifications the LED components. You should always identify the lumens you need for replacing your existing fixture. Do not make your purchase on the basis of watts.

You should also pay special attention to lumens per watt for a fixture. For instance, an LED light that produces 135 lumens per watt will consume very less energy as compared to the one that produces 97 lumens per watt.