Get To Know 2018 Fantastic LED Area Bulbs From Guanke

Why we invented 180 degree beam angle LED corn bulbs for more customers choosing?

Led corn light is 3-5 time energy saving compared to HID lighting. Fully use of Lighting will contribute to decrease lighting pollution and save energy. So how to full use of lighting?

GK invented 180 degree beam angle led corn lamp for some special horizontal light fixtures such as shoe box, wall pack, cobra head, flood light for outdoor lighting. People applied 360 degree led corn lamps for shoe box, wall pack, cobra head, flood light in the past cause there is not have 180 degree corn lamp for choosing. For 360 degree light, some lighting maybe can’t full use due to energy waste for some places usage. We found that we can make some change for our lights to save energy to reach high light efficiency. Furthermore, our ideas also coincided with many customers demands. So 180 degree corn bulb come out and pretty popular very soon in the markets of North America and European. Currently, we offer 20w 30w 40w 60w 80w 110w 180 degree led corn lamp, which is a perfect retrofit to replace 125w to 400w traditional HID/MHL/HPS.

We believe that more and more customers will looking for the energy saving lighting for current fixtures. We all live in a global village, it is our duty to save energy and decrease light pollution. Energy-saving can be done from choose a right replacement lighting now.