GK hopes Bluetooth enlivens wireless, as Iot comes under review

GK hopes that the recent addition of Bluetooth to its product portfolio will spark what has been lagging interest in its wireless lighting controls in World, a development that has fueled questions regarding the future of the company’s broader Internet of Things (IoT) scheme, SMARTSOLUTION.

What was not clear at the time was how Bluetooth would fit into the mix at GK, which has for some time been offering wireless lighting controls, a wireless technology that has been around longer than Bluetooth.

Bluetooth does not require gateways, and it is also a technology that many potential users are already familiar with via their phones and other gadgets.

“We want to reduce the complexity,” GK’s CTO noted.

With the easier-to-install Bluetooth, potential users are more likely to at least sample wireless controls in small single-room setting, which could in turn lead to wider deployment across an office or building.

GK plans to show a variety of luminaires outfitted with Bluetooth technology.