GK Sea turtle light led retrofit lamps

The Florida Constitution authorizes the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission(FWC)to enact rules and regulations regarding the state's fish and wildlife resources. It is for local government regulations that control beachfront lighting to protect hatching sea turtles. This rule is intended to guide local governments in developing ordinances which will protect hatchling marine turtles from the adverse effects of artificial lighting .According to the rules,all exterior lights proposed for the seaward or shore perpendicular side of the structure should be well- shielded, full cut-off, downward directed fixtures with a long-wavelength light source (wavelength readings of 560 nanometers (nm) or higher). If the exterior fixtures on the landward side of the structure are not visible directly or indirectly from the beach, they are only required to be downward directed. The local  home or building is not expected to adversely impact nesting sea turtles, their hatchlings or their habitats.

We do some research and launch a series sea turtle led retrofit lamps,the power ranges from 27w 36w 45w 54w 63w, their wave length is about 560nm to 620nm. We had applied certification for them and had finished. If you have sea turtle protection lighting project, feel free to ask us.