Guanke LED Work Lights Second Generation GKT12 With US Patent

Compared with LED Work Lights T10, please see the advantages or update point as following:

  • You know, we call the  GKT10 jobsite led light which is a string of lights that can not depart individually, unlike GKT12 Working Light which can start work independently, if need one more light work together, just connect another one by plug in. The luminaire could be linkable( 60w max link 10pcs, 100w max link 6pcs, 150w max link 4pcs).

  • For certificates, we applied UL and DLCfor the 2nd generation of LED Work Lights, meets more countries markets requirement for LED lights.

  • Smart fuse: reset once overload 5A. Maybe, most of people are the first time to hear about it to be used in LED Work Lights by Guanke, we believe it is an innovation for LED lights and we do it.

  • Lastly, it is the appearance different, more details please see the following pictures.

If you have any request for this new products, please call our knowledgeable staff members by 86-755-27165559 or E-mail to for more advice on LED lights.

Why LED lights are safe choices as illuminants?

LED canopy light comes with many befefits over regular metal halide, high pressure sodium and incandescent lights. These come with the powerful LED technology that can as retrofit for regular lights in residential outdoor, construction scene and commercial. These illuminants are regarded as safer lighting solutions and can be practical choices in harsh circumstances or freezing climates. Find out why these are safe options for illuminating commercial spaces and industrial areas.

More uniform lighting

As we know, these kinds of lights have higher CRI (Color Rendering Index), which ensures much better visibility in the areas you set these up in. There is more even brightness from this type of fixture, and there advice a cool white, sometimes seen as having a bluish tint, which has been proven in studies to help reduce eyestrain and creat a production work environment, such as warehouse spaces.

Immediate Illumination

We know unlike fluorescent or incandescent lights, there is no need to wait the lights to come to full power. These are powered by Instant on LED technology, no any warm up period needed. The energy of these lights can be managed easily. Many of these lights are designed to be used outdoors in conditioned or unheated spaces, streets, park lots and commercial where lighting is needed in low-medium heights.

Sustains Rough Areas and Surroundings

You do not have any worry about the performance and durability of these lights, as they offer excellent efficiency in even cold areas. Even in harsh areas in the outdoor ambience, you can expect the lights to last well and for a very long time. There is no any problem to harsh and cold climate, and even in freezing weather.

Safe and Clean Lighting

Why we say it safe and clean lighting? As we know, the lifespan of LED lights is much more better than standard metal halide, fluorescent or incandescent lights, lasts at least 50,000 hours. Compared with MHL/HID, the LED lights do not contain any hazardous material, such as lead, mercury or any other can pollute the envir