How to choose the right LED corn Bulbs for Lighting project

Is there a quick and easy solution to convert your outdoor lighting to energy-efficient LEDs? Look no further than LED Corn Bulbs. These bulb shaped lamps are packed with hundreds of individual light-emitting diodes(LEDs) that are all fixed to a metal heat-dissipation element. At up to 80% more efficient than metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or incandescent bulbs, LED corn lamp are becoming an obvious solution for those looking to retrofit their lighting with efficient LEDs.
So what are LED corn lamps?
A corn lamp is an assembly of light-emitting diodes(LEDs) on a metal structure. They are called a corn lamp because the yellow LEDs resemble corn kernels on a corn cob. Corn cob lamps are meant to provide a large amount of light while using LEDs, which requires a large amount of diodes. The diodes(sometimes hundreds) are mounted to a metal "cob" that has as much surface area as possible to keep the diodes cool.
What kind of fixture will accept LED corn lamps?
Many screw-in sockets will accept a LED corn lamp, but you will have to make sure you have the right one. There are corn lamps for E40, E27(Edison), mogul(E39, and medium(E26) base, and more are being developed everyday.
How do I install LED corn bulbs?
It's as easy as screwing in a light bulb! Just make sure the corn lamp's dimensions will fit into the luminaire that you are trying to light up.
What should I look for in good corn lamps?
A good corn lamp should cool itself with an aluminum structure with lots of surface area to let the heat escape. Some LED corn lamps have fans and while this sounds fancy, they are problematic and cheap ways to make a corn lamp. The fan's motor will die out long before the LEDs fade, if the fan is not stopped by insects or dust before then.


LED Quality
There is a range of quality of LED chips. The cheaper ones will have low Color Rendering Index(CRI). uses chips made by Samsung.
Protective Covering
In order to provide proper performance of the LEDs ove time, a transparent plastic covering should cover the diodes to protect them from dust and insects. This will keep the light quality from diminishing over time.
Where can I use corn lamps?
Corn lamps are great replacements for any high lumen-output lights, including these applications.
Post Top Lamps
post top lighting for corn lamp
Bollard Pathway Lighting
bollard lamp post for corn lamp
Exterior Wall Packs
wall pack for corn lamp
Highway Lighting
parking lot lights for corn lamps
Interior High Bay Lamps
high bay light for corn lamps
Street Lights
What kinds of bulbs can I replace with corn lamps?
Just about any bulb with a matching base. The most important thing to check is that your corn lamp will fit in your luminaire with the cover on it. You can check product dimensions on every product page of the GK website.