LED Temporary Light Application

GK is a manufacturer focus on LED corn lamp. And we also launch the LED temporary light from 2016 basis on led corn lamp. They are so popular in electronic channel in north American market, and you also can find the temporary working lamps in the retail store. We invest a lot of cost for the led temporary lamp, and we also got the domestic and USA patent for it.

LED Temporary light is belong to luminaire, they can apply in indoor or outdoor. As we know,  luminaire is an appliance that transmits, distributes, and changes the light distribution of a source, including all components required to secure and protect the source, except for the source, and includes the wiring accessories necessary to connect to the power source. Lamps are used in all aspects of our lives. Our daily lives are inseparable from it. Human progress and social production are inseparable from it. The variety of lamps is abundant, and various kinds of lamps are emerging one after another. LED outdoor lighting fixtures are widely used .

There are many ways to install the led temporary light . You can put it on the ground or hang it on the ceiling. This can be changed according to your own needs. They are generally used in some public large-scale factory manufacturing bases or some public facilities, such as some working workshops, factories, gas stations, and now some shopping malls are also using LED temporary light , such as supermarkets, museums, stadiums. Since the advent of LED lighting, it has been gradually accepted by many people for its high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection and durability. Generally, people will combines the currently advocated green construction site and introduces LED lamps into the construction site. It will low down the cost of construction site and to be mobile lighting on the construction site, which will bring great convienience to the contractors. So, sometimes the led temporary working light also called led construction light. GK led temporary light can use as single lamp and also can link several one together, and the total power can’t over 600w. We can use the remote control to control the LED temporary light on the group, it is very convenient And for different power, you can choose the different length cable, more information pls check with our sales person.

The reason for why they are used so widely is that the LED temporary light is very easy to use, and they are very environmentally friendly and energy saving. The heat dissipation function of the LED temporary light is also very good. Generally, it is specially used good dissipate heat material, which will make the heat dissipation more perfect. You can take them to anywhere need the temporary light. That is why the led temporary become so popular. The LED temporary light life is 50000H, they can use over 10 years. We offer 5 year warranty for our led temporary light. More products informations, pls check our website www.szguanke.com.