The Necessity Of Replacing Traditional Lamps, With LED Retrofit Lamp

From the simple classification of products, the LED Retrofit Lamp products of indoor lighting have a corresponding relationship with traditional lighting. For example, the targeted LED Retrofit Lamp bulbs are specially designed to replace the traditional incandescent lamps, so the LED Retrofit Lamp bulbs seen on the market continue the incandescent. The shape of the lamp.

In response to the one-to-one relationship in the replacement process, "LED Retrofit Lamp products will have a corresponding substitute for traditional lamps, such as for a certain type of lamps, its opening size, and outside. The frame size, length, etc. will correspond one-to-one, but these cannot be specific so that their wattage, life, and shape are the same. The correspondence is only for a certain part."

For the time being, there is a one-to-many relationship in their relationship during the replacement process.  "One-to-many correspondence, such as LED Retrofit Lamp tubes, is currently complete, and all fluorescent tubes on the market can be replaced; LED Retrofit Lamp panel lights are mainly used in ceilings instead of original grids. Grid lights, or replace kitchen lights, ceiling lights, etc.. LED Retrofit Lamp replacement of traditional lighting? View lighting energy saving retrofit

Inheritance and development is the replacement of the main theme

Although there are one-to-one and one-to-many relationships between LED Retrofit Lamp and traditional lighting, it cannot be simply understood that the appearance of LED Retrofit Lamp products will completely replace traditional lighting products, because the two are completely different concepts. A very vivid metaphor to illustrate the relationship between the two: "Like the clothes we usually wear, the same fabric, we can make it into a variety of styles, as well as LED Retrofit Lamp products."

"LED Retrofit Lamp products are mainly the replacement of light sources, not the replacement of lamps, so it can not completely replace the traditional lamps, because LED Retrofit Lamp lighting is sometimes difficult to achieve the traditional lighting effects, such as lighting in some special occasions in the dressing room There are special requirements because of the need to match the brightness of the face and other conditions."

For the future development trend of LED Retrofit Lamp categories, "In the future, LED Retrofit Lamp lighting categories will increase with the development of technology, but whether the improvement of categories can completely replace the traditional categories, still need time to verify, can be under in conclusion."

In this future development trend, "The future LED Retrofit Lamp category will develop from the current concentration to the concentration stage."

LED Retrofit Lamp replacement has great significance, but if you only replace it as the target of LED Retrofit Lamp transformation, it does not really tap the potential of LED Retrofit Lamp. The future LED Retrofit Lamp products are more to take advantage of long life and energy saving. "Do not regard LED Retrofit Lamp and traditional lighting as a simple alternative relationship, let alone break it apart.

This will only ruin the LED Retrofit Lamp lighting industry. LED Retrofit Lamp and traditional lighting are the relationship between inheritance and development. From the characteristics of flexible and variable LED Retrofit Lamp light source combination, we should study the application of LED Retrofit Lamp light source and luminaire, and find the most suitable use of the land to shine. Only from the perspective of alternatives, LED Retrofit Lamp light source and lighting are naive and superficial.

As more and more companies have begun to get involved in the field of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting and invested heavily in development, the wave of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting that has flourished in recent years has swept the Chinese lighting industry. Traditional lighting companies have also been forced to intervene in the LED Retrofit Lamp lighting market under outside pressure and begin to explore the road to transformation.

As we all know, the traditional light source has low energy efficiency and there is not much room for technology upgrade. The number of traditional Chinese lighting companies is huge and the competition is fierce. In order to win the market, the "price war" is very serious. Existing traditional lighting companies not only win the market through the brand, but also have little added value in the product itself. Although China is a major producer and exporter of lighting products, many traditional lighting companies are undergoing more OEMs. The profit margin is only a few points, and the local brand advantage is not very obvious.

With the development of "hard targets", the core technology and performance of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting fixtures have gradually met the requirements of some lighting fields. The “soft” application centered on energy conservation and environmental protection has also received more and more attention.

The wide application of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting also meets the requirements of the government to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, governments are actively eliminating low-efficiency lighting products. The EU has completely banned the import or production of traditional incandescent lamps. China has also begun to promote energy-saving products on a large scale and eliminate inefficient products. Combined with various factors, the company also realized that the development of traditional lighting can no longer meet the development requirements of enterprises under the new situation, so it began to turn to LED Retrofit Lamp.

In early 2010, industry-related industry organizations surveyed the timing and progress of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting, rather than traditional lighting. The results show that the industry is more optimistic about the progress of LED Retrofit Lamp, rather than traditional lighting. They believe that within three years, the proportion of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting to replace traditional lighting can reach 20%, and 3-5 years of LED Retrofit Lamp lighting will reach 50%, 10 years or more.

According to J.P. Morgan's latest forecast, semiconductor lighting will account for 50% of 2014 global market share, and semiconductor lighting will account for 50% of 2016 market share. For the rapid development of the domestic LED Retrofit Lamp indoor lighting market.

The survey also showed that most people in the industry believe that LED Retrofit Lamp indoor lighting products can reach 50% in 2020. To this end, some experts predict that the LED Retrofit Lamp lighting market will gradually mature in the next 10 years, and it is also the most critical 10 years for traditional lighting to transform into LED Retrofit Lamp lighting.

It can be seen that there are not many days for the transformation and upgrading of traditional lighting enterprises. On the basis of the original city, many traditional lighting companies realized the necessity of developing LED Retrofit Lamp lighting engineering, and began to invest in the development and application of LED Retrofit Lamp to explore the way of enterprise transformation, but most traditional lighting companies A re-entered the initial stage of LED Retrofit Lamp.

However, from the "2010 China (Shanghai) International Hotel and 2010 Architectural Lighting Exhibition", the Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition held in April, and the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in June, we can all see LED Retrofit Lamp lighting products gradually become the protagonist. The exhibition, whether it is a traditional photo. Ming Enterprise or LED Retrofit Lamp lighting companies, almost all LED Retrofit Lamp lighting products are placed in the prominent position of the booth, more and more types and functions.