What is sea turtle-Friendly LED corn light?

Sea turtle-friendly lighting is specifically designed to minimize the ecological impact which the traditional lighting can have on turtles and wildlife, especially near oceans and beaches.

GK sea turtle friendly LED corn lights are different with the standard corn cobs, the LED turtle friendly lights are not measured by Kelvin temperature. Instead, these corn lamps are set to a peak wavelength of 590 nanometers, see the test report below:

The following of our LED corn lamps are approved by “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission” when installed correctly and used to meet minimal lighting standards. This certification authorizes the use of the Official Wildlife Lighting Logo device only with the specified fixtures and lamps. GKS39-12W-01 (Certification #2019-010), GKS39-18W-01 (Certification #2019-011), GKS39-27W-01 (Certification #2019-012), GKS39-36W-04 (Certification #2019-013), GKS39-45W-04 (Certification #2019-014), GKS39-54W-04 (Certification #2019-015), and GKS39-63W-04 (Certification #2019-016)