Why LEDs don’t use a Ballast?

LEDs don’t need a ballast because of a number of reasons. First, large amounts of current aren’t needed inLED Light bulbs. Secondly, the life of LED bulbs increases to a significant level because of the absence of Ballast. Thirdly, the size of LEDs is much smaller than bulbs and tube lights, which leaves no extra space for a ballast to fit in. Lastly, with the development of LED technology, most of the LED Corn Bulbs are driver built in design, so there no need any ballast at all.

Research also shows that the absence of a ballast make LEDs energy efficient and they provide better light. The driver provides cleaner power and the LED lights have less noise and distortion as a result.

What happens when I change to LED Bulbs or use LED retrofit kits?

When changing to LED, you will need to bypass or remove the ballast. This is usually easily done as ballasts were to be serviced. You then run power straight to the socket if using an E39 LED corn light bulb or to the LED driver if using an LED retrofit Kit.

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