Why Not Choose New LED Light to bright the way and save money?

When choose LED lighting source as the street light, the finance budget of road department will be reduce half of before.

Last night, I worked until 20 o’clock and then back to home, it almost dark in the road, when I drived on the road where not have any light only the dark sky, I wonder why the government not start the street lighting in the dark night to give us a bright vision and avoid more accident? High energy consume or the street wire have any problems? Even any one of the above reason, there should have a superviser to found it and arrange the workers to solve it. If just cause of high energy consume, it’s easy that we can choose the high performance of lighting source such as LED light as the street light base on the follow points:

  1. LED Lighting provides a drastic reduction in energy costs due to the significant difference in the way theygenerate light, compared to conventional lighting. Facilities that make the switch to LED Lighting see lighting energy reductions of 40-60%, making a return on investment within 2-5 years realistic. Think of it this way, the government budget will be reduce half of before.

  2. Another one of the primary benefits of replacing conventional lighting with LED lighting is reduced maintenance costs. An LED bulb will continue to generate light at a level equal to 70% or more of its original lumen output for more than 50,000 hours, and in many cases, over 100,000 hours. Since LED lighting fixtures and lamps have significantlylonger lifetime than traditional lighting, road department will spend less time on a ladder, lift, or bucket truck changing bulbs and ballasts and more time can be devoted to other pressing needs. In other words, we can walked under the new LED lighting when it start operate could walk under that same lamp or fixture even 10 years if we always stay here.

Wish the street light will be light tomorrow when it dark and we are just pass by