Why We Choose LED Corn Bulbs As Parking Lot Lights?

As compared with traditional lighting source, LED lights shows more advantages as we witnessed in the pass years. Especially for outdoor lighting, such as parking lot lights, street lights, shoebox and etc.

Why we choose LED lights?

Most people will choose the reason that no loss of energy. Long hours of illuminationg wide areas can be very expensive. However, metal halide lights need you to spend more- given that much of the electrical energy is lost as heat and only a minimum amout is used for the production of light. For example, 110 Watt LED parking lot lights will emit the light of 1,3000 Lumen, 5000K, so it’s efficiency is 120Lm/w which can totally replaces 400W Halide.

Minimal Risk or Worries

LED lights, as compared to metal halide illuminants, can stay in room temperature and does not heat up the surrounding air with the release of energy. Thus, a lot of energy that would otherwise be wasted in cooling the indoor air is saved. These lights do not explode or break. You can expect no condensation or dust or reduction in overall performance.

How long can it use?

For example, as the LED parking lot lights is placed within unbreakable or shatterproof glass, which is mounted to an aluminum heavy-gauge base, the bulbs and components come with 100% and unconditional warranty for at least 5 years. However, the LED chips come with an expected lifespan of 10 years. The casing is expected to last for 20 years. This makes them LED parking lot light better suited as lighting solutions.

How much expenses can we saves?

Other than saving the money by reducing energy bills, these lights can save the expenses on replacement and maintenance. In places where activities go on for more time, such as in retail stores, elevators, airports, bus stops, garages, these can offer more light than metal halide or even halogens and incandescent lights for that matter. There is no frequent replacement needed. LED lights as the parking lot lights can save a amount of money.

More safe lighting is here

As the newest LED lights come with the ability to mimic sunlight and have no infrared or UV emissions, exposure to the light for long hours does not lead to cancerous conditions of the skin or other problems that were attributed to metal halide lights. Thus, these are much safer as illuminants.