Why We Choose The LED Corn Lights With DLC Listed?

Since last year, lighting manufacturers have been submitting their products to qualify for DLC 4.0 requirements. You may be wondering, “What exactly is the Design Lights Consortium?” According to their homepage, they are “a non-profit organization whose mission is to drive efficient lighting,” but rebates are the biggest reason for consumers to look for DLC when shopping for lighting products. The DLC is supported by 85 member organizations, most of which are electric utility companies. These companies ofter offer rebates on eligible products based on the standards set by the DLC. Some of products from Guanke have gained DLC certificates while some new products are patent pending, but we think we will pass all of it very soon.

Why Does The DLC Matter?

Seeing the DLC logo on your lighting choices is also an easy way to tell you’re picking one of the most energy efficient, high-performance products. The DLC publishes their Qualified Products List to help utility members determine which LED products are good enough for inclusion in their rebate programs. If you look it, you will find us in it. As lighting technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, so it can be difficult for consumers to know which energy efficient products are the right choices for them.

The DLC have done the work so you don’t have to spend time to research and compare several products to find which are the most energy efficient. Then through variety internet to find the right brand’s LED light. The evaluate lighting products based on their standards for Lumen output, wattage, power factor, color temperature, color rendering index, dimmability, and integrated sensors and controls.

For the new 4.0 standards, the main change is in regards to an LED’s efficacy, which is usually measured in LPW, or Lumers per Wattage. The more efficient an LED is , the more Lumens you’ll get out of its wattage. Qualified products must also have a minumum warranty of 5 years, a Kelvin color temperature no higher than 5700, and meet type-specific standards for CRI and life hours (generally the lifespan of LED light is 10,000 to 50,000 hours, 10 times longer than HID/ MHL lights).

Lighting manufacturers have known about the change for a while, so packaging will often have the DLC logo on it, and you can also search for specific products on the DLC website. You search Guanke then will see all of our patented model of LED Corn Lights. If these products still can not meet your requirement, please call our team of lighting experts at 86-755-27165559 or E-mail to seo@guankeled.com for more advice on it.