GK series lamps: compact design but great efficiency
GK series lamps stand out in the lighting market with their compact design and excellent performance. This series of lamps uses Rubycon drivers and Samsung chips, combined with IP64-level moisture-proof design, to provide users with a comprehensive waterproof, dustproof and mosquito-proof lighting solution.

Precision driver and efficient chip
GK series lamps are equipped with Rubycon drivers and Samsung chips, ensuring excellent performance and reliability. This sophisticated combination not only improves the brightness and stability of the lamp, but also reduces energy consumption, creating a more efficient lighting experience for users.

IP64 level protection design
GK series lamps adopt an IP64-level moisture-proof design, making them highly waterproof, dustproof and mosquito-proof. Whether in a humid environment or troubled by dust or mosquitoes, this compact lamp can work stably and reliably.

Multifunction Interface Driver
The luminaire’s multifunctional interface driver is sealed with thermally conductive adhesive to ensure the luminaire’s excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions. The operating temperature range is from -40°F to 140°F, making the GK Series fixtures suitable for a variety of environmental needs.

Active cooling design
In order to maintain the stable performance of the lamps, the GK series lamps adopt an active aircraft-style heat dissipation design. High-quality aluminum material and 360-degree beam angle ensure uniform and long-lasting lighting effects.

Safety Certification and Standards Compliance
GK series lamps have passed UL certification and comply with DLC 4.2 standards, providing users with safe and reliable use guarantees. At the same time, the use of flame-retardant materials is suitable for fully enclosed lamps, further improving product safety.

Easy installation
For direct-connected lighting equipment, GK series lamps do not require the use of ballasts and can be connected directly. This simple design makes the installation process more efficient and saves users unnecessary trouble.

GK series lamps, small yet powerful, are ideal for a variety of lighting needs with their outstanding performance and innovative design. Whether it is a commercial place or a home environment, it will bring a brighter experience to your life.