Innovative LED Corn Light Series Blazes the Trail with Exceptional Performance and Versatility

In an era where energy efficiency and design flexibility are paramount, GK is proud to introduce a trailblazing solution in illumination technology - the New Gen S39-19 Series LED Corn Light. 

Expertly crafted to meet the rigorous DLC 5.1, UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS standards, our latest offering stands at the forefront of lighting solutions.

Revolutionary 360D Design for Optimal Illumination

The New Gen S39-19 Series boasts a 360-degree design, ensuring uniform light distribution and making it an ideal match for a plethora of fixtures. 

This innovative design approach allows the LED Corn Light to serve as a versatile asset in a myriad of lighting applications, from industrial spaces to commercial settings.

Spectacular Efficacy and Compact Form Factor

With an exceptional light efficacy of 150 lumens per watt, the New Gen S39-19 promises remarkable energy savings without compromising on brightness. 

Its most compact size is thoughtfully engineered to fit entirely enclosed fixtures, representing a leap forward in LED retrofitting solutions.

Unrivalled Quality and Broad Spectrum of Choices

Quality is not a mere buzzword for us; it's a commitment. Our New Gen S39-19 Series guarantees superior quality with a defect rate of less than 0.5%, setting a new benchmark for reliability. 

Moreover, customers are presented with an expansive array of wattage options ranging from 18W to 120W, along with a selectable correlated color temperature (CCT), ensuring customization to any lighting need.

Cutting-edge Certifications

Adherence to global certification standards such as DLC 5.1, UL, CE, FCC, UL, FDA, and RoHS confirms that the New Gen S39-19 LED Corn Light is not just a product of high performance but also of trust and safety. 

These approvals underscore our commitment to providing products that meet the highest international benchmarks.

Smart Lighting Evolved

Incorporating intelligence into lighting, the New Gen S39-19 is equipped with an intuitive interface that seamlessly connects with innovative sensors like the MW sensor, PIR sensor, and WIFI sensor, among others. 

This plug-and-play capability heralds a new age of smart lighting solutions that respond dynamically to environmental inputs, optimizing energy usage and enhancing user experience.

Quadruple Protection LED Driver Solution

Consistency and endurance are vital. Hence, the New Gen S39-19 LED Corn Light is supported by a robust LED driver solution offering four layers of protection: varistor, lamp body, and power supply, safeguarding against overheating and over-voltage scenarios. 

This multi-tiered protection ensures prolonged lifespan and dependable operation.

As the lighting landscape evolves, GK continues to innovate and lead with products like the New Gen S39-19 Series LED Corn Light, inventing the future of lighting while lighting up the present.

Discover brilliance and reliability in every luminary with GK. Illuminate your space with the latest in LED technology. 

Experience the pinnacle of lighting innovation with the New Gen S39-19 Series - where visionary design meets unmatched performance.