The New Gen DLC5.1 LED Corn Bulb from GK

GK is a professional HID retrofit manufacturer which is developing a new led corn bulb, with a release expected on 23rd May of 2022. It’s a new generation led corn bulb on the market. We call it as “double adjustable led corn bulb”.


1.Full range wattage optional in one series

Compared with the regular led corn bulb on the market, the double adjustable led corn bulb is available from 18w to 120w which can replace 50w HPS/HID/HQI etc traditional street light. And it can be used for total enclosed fixtures with a good heat dissipation, which the fixture like post top, shoebox, wall pack, highbay etc., even 120w this kind of high watt.

2.Intelligent interface design

The double adjustable led corn bulb is designed with an intelligent interface. It’s available to work with different plug&play sensors from GK. And this kind of design is with China and US patent protection.

3.Double adjustable function

The first adjustable function is 3 selectable CCT which is 3000K/4000K/5000K for options. It indicates you can save the SKU on inventory.

The second adjustable function is watt choice on the plug and play sensor. GK develops a new sensor for different wattage switch 60%, 80%, 100%. For example, if you use 18w led corn bulb, the sensor settings at 60%, then the min wattage should be around 10w.

What’s more, GK have many different plug and play sensors to meet different fixture application, such as microwave sensor, PIR sensor, photocell sensor, WIFI sensor, Bluetooth sensor etc.

4.Meet DLC 5.1 requirement

As we known, the HID retrofits like led corn bulb can apply DLC on US and Canada market. And the newest DLC requirement is 5.1 version, the bulb should be dimming and high lumen which is more than 150lm/w.

The double adjustable led corn bulb has listed DLC5.1 already. You can check the post on the official website of DLC, and the model no. is GKS39-19.

5.Quard-protection (None for other manufacturers)

Most of the led corn bulb are used for the total enclosed fixtures. An unstable grid or improper installation, such as the un-removal of ballast may cause high voltage in the circuit, this high voltage may lead to the varistor overheated,and then the driver

housing may get on fire and burn.

The advantages of GK overvoltage/overheat protection products

A.Varistor overheating protection

Preventing housing melting due to the heat from the varistor, which is caused by excessive voltage input from power grid or any failure components.

B.Lamp body overheat protection

C.Power supply overheat protection

Either overheat protection of the lamp body or the power supply is activated, the lamp power will drop to 70% of itself;if both are activated, the power will drop to 55%. When the lamp body and driver temperature is lower to the reset temperature,the lamp power will go back to 100% automatically.

D.Overvoltage protection

Preventing the lamp from risk of overvoltage,when input voltage detection detect the input voltage is over 320V,the lamp will flicker and not lighting,when the input voltage go back to lower than 320V, the lamp will start to work normally automatically.


About GK-HID Retrofit

GK global service manufacturer established in 2006 and focused on LED corn bulb lamp over 10 years which located in Shenzhen ,China with around 500 employees and 30,000square meters factory plant.GK is one of most professional manufacturers of LED corn light HID and MHL retrofit in China.we have powerful R&D team and advanced detecting instruments which made 12-15 new products innovated per year. 208 patents were issued by domestic and overseas market is the great witness of our innovation. Our LED corn bulb lamp with certifications of UL ,DLC ,FCC ,TUV ,CE ,RoHS ,SAA ,PSE which are mainly exported to North America ,Europe ,Australia ,Japan and South Korea. Wide application of our LED corn bulb lamp is another attract factor for customers ,they are :Post top ,Acorn,Shoe box,Cobra head,Wall pack ,Canopy,Flood light ,Ball,High bay and Low bay.

We always insist “quality first, customer foremost ”and keep innovation for establishing a long-term cooperation with our clients. Trust us, make your wise decision today!